About Totem True



Totem True, LLC was founded in June of 2017 by Nicole Aranda. Nicole has always craved the idea of individuality. Since she was young she was always doing things differently, exploring new fashions, and making her own way. 

Being an avid yogi, Nicole found release in expressing her individuality through painting her own yoga mats. It was with her hand-painted mats that she was able to stand out in a room of crowded black mats and truly feel unique.

That is where the idea of Totem True was born. Everyone should have the opportunity to show their true totem, be their brightest color, and practice their best yoga. 

Being from the Southwest inspired Nicole to come up with the designs for the mats. Originating and living in both New Mexico and Colorado, she has a special bond to both the mountains and the desert. Each mat concept is initially born as a hand-painted design with acrylic paint on canvas. 

From Nicole: I wanted to offer people an outlet to be free of uniform. To be loud in a room that is quiet. To be colorful in a sea of black mats.  I am inspired by art and I truly hope that you all love my designs as much as I do. You are too beautiful to be on a basic mat.

~ xoxo Nic


Please join our community on instagram (@Totemtrue #totemtrue) to share your yoga mat pictures and show us your true totem.